Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ant Movies: Alles über Ameisen

Alles über Ameisen (animal planet with EO-Wilson, Nigel Franks)


1:38 Oecophylla weaver ants
3:21 the weight of all ants is about the same as all humans
5:00 Metathoracal (Metapleural gland) ants a chemical plants
6:00 functional morphology, mandible
6:30 Wilson, pheidole
9:09 morphological diversity
9:18 social life as character of ants: Wood ants
10:00 social work makes you stronger..
10:32 division of labor – all work can be done by all, only queen is irreplaceable; life cycle
11:04 trophallaxis
11:30 role of queen – different casts
12:00 larval development
13:00 life cycle, sexual production, mating competition
14:00 the fate of males, nest foundation by queens
14:24 origin of ants
16:30 communication
17:30 trail pheromone
18:45 nest mate recognition – cracking of the code: oecophylla and spdiers
20:00 oecophylla and spiders fighting
21:09 Cataglyphis bombycina, orientation, Wehner
22:19 vector navigation vizualization
23.21 polarization patterns
25:30 Attine
29:15 antibiotic like substances / metapleural gland Beattie
31:24 extracting metapleural content
33:03 Honey pot ants, Mulga, Camponotus inflatus
23:25 Wood ant; thermoregulation
37:18 Smaragd Ameisen, Polyrhachis with Lycaenidae silk nests; rattle ants because the communicate via audible vibrations
39:20 Phil deVries about lycaenids
43:31 Oecophylla
44:21 cracking of defensive behavior and chemical code by a spider
46:23 driver ants Eciton
47:28 Nigel Franks human /ants comparison: what is the chain of command: top down vs bottom up
49:12 decision making
50:50 study of biology: make something complex from simple structure: individual behavior to a complex behavior. IN ants no hierarchy, no leader, but everybody is involved in decision making

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