Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ant movies

(Popular) Science 

There is a fascinating, growing number of popular science movies on ants becoming available. To use them for my own work, I try to add tags describing the subject covered.

1. Alles über Ameisen 52.07. EO Wilson, Nigel Franks
2. Krieg der Ameisen 3:02:08. Arte. Discussion of Argentine Ants
3. Wild City of Ants 44:56.  National Geographic. Ted Schultz, Alex Wild, Nigel Franks
4. Die heimliche Weltmacht   43:14. Arte. Bernd Hölldobler
5. Planet Ant - Life Inside The Colony 1:28.46. Leaf cutter ants kept in artificial nest
6. Ant colony raids a rival nest 3:44. BBC. Myrmecocystus
7. Silver Desert Ant, Cataglyphis bombycinus 12:31 BBC, Rüdiger Wehner, David Attenborough
8. The amazing Cataglyphis ant 2:52. BBC, David Attenborough; Cataglyphis bombycinus
9. Lord of the Ants 52:52 PBS. About EO Wilson.
10. Empire of The Desert Ants  55:48. BBC. Myrmecocystus
11. Butterfly eggs and caterpiller survival: Myrmica and lycaenids, ichneumonids.  6:31, BBC, David Attenborough. Life in the Undergrowth.
12. Polyrhachis in mangrove forest, living in the intertidal zone. 3:54. BBC, David Attenborough. Life in the Undergrowth. (submersible life, communication, territorial disputes)
13.  Pogonomyrmex (harvester ants) and Aphaenogaster  in Arizona. 3:24,  BBC. David Attenborough. Life in the Undergrowth. Competition
14. The Trials of Life, Episode 7: Living Together. 49:13 BBC. David Attenborough
15. Honey Ants - A nice sweat treat! 1:53 Animal Planet. Camponotus inflatus.
15b. Yummy Hnoey Ants. 2:53 Australian Screen. Camponotus inflatus
16. NPR Science: Ants That Count! 4:35 NPR: Experiment to show that ant can count their steps, Cataglpyhis, Wehner.
17. Cataglyphis bombycinus,  7:04. Tunis. Including shots of soldiers outside the nest.
18. Odontomachus trap jaw ant:  1:29 Ondontomachus in nature, Alex Wild
19. Anochetus trap jaw ant: 3:06 High speed camera movie shot in the laboratory
20. Ants: super soldiers 4:21. Earthtouchnews.com. A potpurry of ant behavior related  to predation
21 Ant societies and what we can learn from them: Laurent Keller at TEDxLausanne 17:30


1. Un chien andalou (1928). Luis Buñuel.  4:06; 8:38

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