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Ant movies: Krieg der Ameisen (La guerre des fourmis)

Krieg der Ameisen (La Guerre des Fourmis)  (Arte)

Olivier Blight, Eric Provost, Stephand Caut, Jim Xerda, Volker Witte)

[This movie is 3:02.08 but in fact it is three times the same movie. Recording started at 2:02, the begin oft the third repetition is at 2:21:30]


2:02:00 Monitoring methods; pitfalls, pooter
2:03:00 Tapinoma not affected by Linepithema
2:04:58 overview of Linepithema distribution, simulation model on the affect oflimate change
2:05:34 Volker Witte on Linepithema in Germany
2:05:56 study of ant language and communication
2:06:30 origin of the gland (Pavans gland), dissection, experiment to show the impact of the gland substances.
2:08:30 life cycle: brood
2:09:30 Donana NP: study of the impact of Linepithema on predators and other fauna (Elena Angulo), using Quercus suber,
2:10:45 experimental design
2:12:45 results
2:13:00 Stephane Caut: impact assessment, dissecting a toad
2:14:30 life cycle; fight on the power in the nest
2:15:00 impact on Camponotus vagus? Recruitment, fight between C and L; use of SEM for tarsus of L
2:20:02 Argentine ant the largest predator of the world
2:20:10 The impact of L in Corsica

2:21.30 Krieg der Ameisen 3
2:22:47 description of the local ant fauna, ca 160 local species; Messor life cycle,
2:24:20 Description of a European project to study ant faunas (which one?) Olivier Blight, Eric Provost (Aix-en-Provence)  Cereste in S-France
2:25.50 the original distribution of Linepithema and the history invasion: Madeira first record, than mainlaind.
2:27:00 moving of a nest, and the way they do it
2:28:29 polyploidy: 15-20 queens in one nest
2:29:30 queen
2:30:19 agressivity test
2:30:50 food
2:31:30 fight with Messor
2:33:55 aggessivity test comparing nests of different geographic origin: no fights
2:36:10 chemical analysis – the profiles are equivalent
2:38:00 use of water and storage
2:39:08 Aphaenogaster nest, fight with L, recruitment, attack from hundred to hundred thousand of ants attack
2:41:20 killing of the queen (but this is wrong, this is a Camponotus worker)
2:42:07 The impact of argentine ant on the ecosystem (Provost): L have no enemies and thus can distribute unlimited.
2:43.30 impact of L in Donana NP and especially their impact on Quercus suber ecosystem. Jim Xerda
2:45:21 measuring the speed of discovery of new pray: L the fastest ant in discovering food – but does not work when too hot, where other ants can work (food competition);
2:47:30 competition against other animals: but no quantitative measurments.
2:48:50 new nest of L
2:49:13 nest mould
2:50:00 tending of aphids
2:51:30 description of Corse with more than 80 ant species.
2:52:30 search of the front line argentine ants / native fauna.
2:52:40 use of baits
2:54:30 no linear expansion, but human impact that assures that they invade much faster
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