Tuesday, March 13, 2012

antbase down: up again

Antbase is up again. All the citations are now linked again to the original descriptions, or all the citations given to the group. This new system allows us to provide access to all the descriptions (via antbase), or subsequent citations (via HOL, linked from the bottom of the antbase search return page) irrespective whether the publication is open access, we have a copyright waver or they are copyrighted.

What we have not resolved yet is access to all the publications. We are few steps away from a solution, but need to implement it. The solution will not include a per se open access but via a login. What the condidtion for a login will be is still under discussion. Certainly, those who are supporting antbase will get it.

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Henriel said...

Is is also possible to restore "The ants of Africa? ( http://antbase.org/ants/africa/contents.htm )
It was an excellent source of knowledge about the taxonomy and biology of African ants with many useful illustrations, identifications keys and distribution map. When antbase.org and it dependencies were regrettably shut down it was a great loss of myrmecology knowledge.