Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OA ant publications: Neotropical Ants issue

Hindawi published in the revitalized Psyche (70 articles published only this year) a special edition Advances in Neotropical Myrmecology, including the description of some very unusual ants like the second species of Tatuidris.

From a cataloguing point of view and thus also from a nomenclatorial point, I do not find an indication that the journal is not just an e-only-journal but has the still necessary printed version. Also it is a bit awkward that there is no proper volume number, as Psyche had before, but just the year.

Despite all of this, I am always delighted to see publications from the sprawling Neotropical ant community, and that ants are used in environmental and especially monitoring studies.


Roberto Keller said...

In the Tatuidris paper, they dealt with the validity issue by indicating in the acknowledgements where are printed copies deposited. Curiously, given that Psyche was the journal of the Cambridge Entomological Club, no copy was deposited in Harvard libraries.

Donat Agosti said...

Thanks for this hint.
"Green Library (Stanford University),Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Library—ECORC (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Library—Bibliotheek (Royal Belgium
Institute of Natural Sciences), Koebenhavns Universitetsbibliotek,
University of Hawaii Library"

It is not just not Harvard, but any of the large libraries or even any libraries of an institution that holds ant material.