Thursday, August 30, 2007

antbase useage

ClustrMaps - our tool to visualize the geographic origin of our users - is now running for exactly one year showing almost 110.000 visits on antbase, in most cases to use the digital library and as starting point for the Ant Name Server (Hymenoptera Name Server).
I am glad we can offer a service to a truly global user community.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nomenclatorial sloppiness (5) and a solution

Christiana Klingenberg suggested being more constructive in this blog about typos and others misspelled names, and to offer my own little personal tool to the community.

Here it is. I once made two files for my MS-Word spell checker, one including all the species terms we have an the Hymenoptera Name Server for ants (of about 2002: ) and a second one for all the morphological and anatomical terminology of social insects in Torre Bueno.

And here how you use it: Save the files best directly in the location where MS World hast the spell check custom.dic file. This is in my case c:\Documents and Settings\donat\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof. Then open MS Word, Tools, Options, Spelling and Options, Custom Dictionary and add it.

The species file is not up to date, so I will figure out a way to get a new one – but for the moment, here it is.