Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shameless self promotion.

A few years ago Donat invited me to contribute to this blog, as I was also helping with itself. We haven't been the best at it and our posts have become thin and sparse. Apologies.

My own excuse is that I was finishing my PhD. But it is also true that, since this blog is primary associated with, there were many topics or ideas that I felt were either to off-topic or too personal for me to write here. On the other hand, my dissertation work on ant morphology started to shift my interest from pure taxonomy to morphological evolution, cast differentiation and the role of the developmental process in the first two (i.e., Evo-Devo), all from the perspective of classical comparative anatomy.

I have therefore started my on blog called Archetype to explore some of my ideas on the subject, while at the same time to write about other silly and inconsequential topics that come to my mind.


Anonymous said...

I visited the web site to find out why this type of ants (rhytidoponera metallica) are causing me to have terrible anafilactic shocks ( dont know if i will survive the next one) if there is anything you know that could help, will appreciate it. Sorry but this ants are not my friends.

Anonymous said...
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