Friday, February 29, 2008's promotion of

In his recent contribution in SysTax, a German newsletter on German GBIF related activities (aka biodiversity databases that are hardly any longer funded), Martin Pfeiffer writes about

No, it is not about - but when you click on the link, or in fact anywhere on the first page, the home page of opens.

It is confusing, and to be honest, it was confusing from the begining, when Martin Pfeiffer publicized that he started, later renamed When I pointed out that there is already an he just replied he wasn't aware of it, but I guess, from my own experience, got hipped by such things as fishbase, flybase.... So much about Internet literacy.

But anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for this sort of unplanned PR.


Anonymous said...

Just to make the confusion perfect:
there is a new and very nice french website decicated to the ants of France, and its name is:
Of course,
So even more possibilities to get lost on the wrong website...

Roberto Keller said...

Well, I guess as long as serves as free publicity for we can't complain.

Thank you for bringing the french site to our attention.