Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rod Page reminded me on his SemAnt blog, that my antbase blog is still unpopulated. There is no excuse for this, but that I am not sure, how to structure this blog. Shall it be the history and thus a documentation of the development of antbase, which begun as the Social Insects World Wide Web? Shall it be about the social interactions in which we were involved building up this Web site? Shall it be about the ideas and the technical implementation? Shall it be about visions and strategic planning?

I don't know - I can't make up my mind - there are a lot of thoughts, experiences and dreams in dire need to be sorted out.

So, I will use this blog to help me sort out the various issues and write down ideas, bits of history as they come along. Hopefully, at some point, it will morph into a nice structured representation of a rathe complex world.

For those interested in the goals of antbase, there is a brief description at antbase. Write up and outreach are at this site. One of the most important development, the building of a semantic type digital library is here.

More general issues are placed either in biosyscontext for systematics specific issues, or biodivcontext for issues relating to biodiversity science, conservation and sociology.


Roberto Keller said...

A brief reflective history on how came about through the Social Insects Website more than 10 years ago will be a nice start.

Anonymous said...

well.. it certainly is high tech and for a science fair project it is very useful. However, what i'm not clear about is where you can ask questions and get answers that very smae day ? am i missing something???